Oh boy, more updates? Not too long ago we pushed out update after update, some liked, some not liked and the speed in which we rolled out updates blew up in our faces and crashed the economy and broke a lot of gameplay. We fixed this as soon as we saw the bad effects. We have also done several advertisement pushes and plan to do more.

Now, the title says "Future Updates" which is referring to this section more so. We have worked hard to develop a sustainable idea on how to update the server without a reset! We are planning to redo spawn, (Sneak peaks in Discord) and with it will come a marketplace area where you can rent cells for a certain amount of $$$ a day. We also plan to add a parkour course and it will require 3 people to work together and when you get to the end you get a special prize.

We ask for feedback for future updates in discord so if you want to be part of that come join: https://discord.gg/PTNFRnW we also announce when there is going to be a drop party and more!
We are partnering with #Minecraft community (Although I do own it, it's two separate things and I really didn't know what else to say.) It is a minecraft community in discord for all our users to talk about minecraft, and if you level up to level 5 you can advertise websites, servers, and more! Come check it out!
We finally got a new website! If you had an account on the old one you need to re-register. You can ask us if you need an application from there reviewed! Thanks everyone!